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Call John Anderson at:  (910) 624-5280 to schedule an appointment or email John@AndersonMediator.com.  If you're trying to reach John after hours, please fill out the below appointment form.

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John H. Anderson II

A Mediator you can count on!


Mediation, used in law to resolve disputes between two or more parties.


State of North Carolina: Dispute Resolution Commission Certification.


Mediation: An informal and confidential way to resolve disputes with the help of a neutral Mediator.


Duke University, Priate Adjudication Center: Mediation Training


A Mediator is trained and qualified to mediate between parties to a dispute.


Certificate: Highest Possible Rating in Both Legal Ability Á Ethical Standards

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Time is of the Essence
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Scheduling an Appointment:

Mediation Scheduling

As soon as it has been determined a Mediator is required...you need to schedule an appointment to ensure all requirements are met within the restricted time period.

You can schedule an appointment with John H. Anderson II today and be seen within days!!

Location + Scheduling

Insure at the time you schedule an appointment to include the county location for all proceedings.


Send Scheduling Request(s) to:  John@AndersonMediator.com or call (910) 624-5280

Mediation Fees

Administrative Fee  $150
Hourly Rate $150
Travel to within one (1) hour of Fayetteville No travel fee
Travel to Wilmington No travel fee
Travel beyond one (1) hour from Fayetteville $50.00/hr plus 40 cents/mile (For all travel time beyond two (2) hours of travel time) 
Miscellaneous Charges  $50.00 (additional administrative fee for
cancellation within seven (7) days and/or excessive rescheduling)


Mailing Address:
Anderson, Johnson, Lawrence and Butler, LLP
Attn:  John H. Anderson II
109 Broadfoot Ave.
Fayetteville, NC 28305


For Questions:

John H. Anderson II:


Phone Numbers:

Cell: (910) 624-5280

Office: (910) 483-1171

Saturdays, Sundays and federal holidays please leave a message.  A customer representative will contact you within 24 hours of the first business day.


John H. Anderson II -- Mediator --

109 Broadfoot Ave., Fayetteville, NC, 28305

Cell Phone: (910) 624-5280 | Email: John@AndersonMediator.com

Time is of the Essence - Schedule Your Mediation Today

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